Sivana Podcast: What is Kirtan?

 October 12, 2018

Part 1 of two interviews by Breck Larkin on the Sivana Podcast discussing what Kirtan is with Mike Cohen. Listen to part 2 by clicking here.

For those of you want to find out what Kirtan is, or are intimidated by singing Kirtan, this is the episode for you! Mike Cohen, founder of the Boulder, CO-based Kirtan Institute, teaches us about this ancient practice of singing mantras in part one of a two-part series. We’ll hear Mike’s unique perspective as a Kirtan leader about the energetic effects of Kirtan, how he makes mantras more accessible, and how Kirtan connects us to community. From the origins of Kirtan and its place in a Bhakti yoga practice to the power of Kirtan as a tool for moving away from ego, this episode will absolutely convince you to try Kirtan if you haven’t already!

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