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NEW MUSIC: Kali + Shiva

 February 15, 2019

NEW MUSIC: Kali + Shiva. Click HERE to listen. 

In an effort to win an epic battle against the forces of negativity, Durga (the goddess of protection) manifests from her brow the fierce goddess Kali. In one famous image, Kali is pictured amidst a background of orange and red flames, wearing a garland of skulls (representing the ego) and holding one that has been freshly chopped. Kali’s unmatched strength turns the tide of battle, repelling the demons of negativity. 

Fearsome Kali finds herself intoxicated by a battle lust that drives her to dance with a force that destroys everything in her path. She overpowers not only the Forces of Negativity, but also the Good, True and Beautiful. Can her rage be quelled before it destroys the world? Kali’s husband Shiva (the Lord of Consciousness) comes and lays down before her. As Kali unknowingly steps on his prone form, Shiva’s loving presence permeates her so fully that her wild energy is transformed from fierce rage into deep passion and love. Her tongue extends, indicating sincere remorse over her unconscious actions.  

The story of Kali and Shiva is particularly relevant now, and in many ways mirrors our current times. As the light of awareness shines on painful examples of masculine shadow, a Kali rage has erupted. How can we regain balance? Kali’s wild passion calls forth Shiva’s unflinching presence. Only his divine masculine consciousness can bear witness so powerfully that her anger can be transformed, allowing a greater love and deeper integration into our world. This passionate chant tracks Kali’s dance of destruction and Shiva’s emergence from meditation. As Shiva envelops Kali with his steady presence an exquisite transformation unfolds through this merging of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.


Produced by Ben Leinbach (Old Bull Productions). Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper (TurtleTone Studio). This track features beautiful vocalists Dawnia Dresser (Kirtan Leader Institute), Suzanne Sterling (Off the Mat and Into the World) and Lakshmi Devi, frame drummer Ken Matarazzo (The Shakti Groove), cellist James Hoskins (The Shakti Groove), guitarist Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart) and funky bassist Rob Fordyce. All other instruments and vocals by Ben Leinbach. Photo of Mike Cohen, Ben Leinbach and Dawnia Dresser courtesy of Doug Dresser. Album art design by Laina Taylor.  


Kali Durge, Namoh Namaha. 

Kali Kali Ma, Durge Durge Ma. 

Shivaya Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Shivaya.

Durge Ma, Jaya Durge Ma. Durge Ma, Jaya Durge Ma.

Kali Ma, Jaya Kali Ma. Kali Ma, Jaya Kali Ma.

Om Namah Shivaya. Om Namah Shivaya. Om Namah Shivaya, Om. 

Om Namaha Shivay. Om Namaha Shivay. Om Namaha Shivay, Om.