You can choose to focus on touring and festivals OR creating an album.


This year long program can launch and establish you as a national level Kirtan Leader with support and guidance around building nationwide community, touring, playing at festivals and developing unique offers

Or, this year long program can launch and establish you as a national level Kirtan Leader with support and guidance around writing compelling chants, launching and completing an album project and successfully share your album with the world.

You receive coaching, training and individualized feedback that helps you:

• Refine and deepen into your unique style and voice as a singer, chant writer and Kirtan Leader

• Write distinctive, compelling chants that generate extraordinary Kirtan experiences

• Build a strong local, regional and national public identity as a valued Kirtan Leader who is on the scene

• Learn to build community and create music business opportunities to grow your Kirtan movement

• Launch your ambitious projects, such as touring, playing at festivals and more with individualized support and resources for sharing your creative gifts and musical passion with the world based on Mike’s 15 years of touring experience

• Launch, complete and successfully release your album project through individualized support and resources based on Mike’s 10 years of recording experience

You will receive everything in the Lead Your Band plan, plus:

• Ten 90-min private sessions, in person or via Skype/FaceTime ($1500)

• Three half-day small group intensives (about half dozen participants) that feature support from a professional Kirtan drummer and are held in Boulder, CO, or three additional private sessions

• One five day Level 4 intensive ($850), with support from a professional Kirtan drummer and intimate group size (about half dozen participants)

• Six peer group teleconference calls facilitated by Mike, held over a period of 12 months ($200)

• In depth guidance around writing your own chants

• A checklist for touring and leading full-band Kirtan events that will help you avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes

• Guidance around how to create successful tours

• Receive slideshows and coaching to support you in creating professional looking Kirtan events, chant workshops and other unique offers. ($200)

• Three 90-minute production consultation sessions to help you make the best album possible OR strategy sessions for growing national community

• Three 90-minute album release strategy sessions, including guidance around press releases, digital distribution, garnering reviews and testimonials, interviews and more to help you get your music into the world! OR strategy sessions for setting up your tour and creating compelling offers that span multiple income streams.  

You will avoid:

• Making rookie mistakes that compromise your ability to go regional and national

•  Having amateurish original chants that are inaccessible or uninspiring

•  Getting stuck in the role of struggling local Kirtan artist

•  Languish with a creative vision that remains unfulfilled for years

“Over the last 5 years Mike Cohen has been an incredible support for our mantra music band. Mike has given us invaluable advice around touring, album production/ promotion, and approaching festivals. Mike is always prompt with his responses, extremely generous with his time, and comes from a place of heart. We are forever grateful to Mike for sharing his wisdom with us and for helping us grow within this beautiful Bhakti family.”   

~  Kirtan Soul Revival: Calia Marshall, Helen Tocci, Todd Keller and Terrence Pompey

“Mike’s support and guidance around setting up my first national tour has been invaluable… and I’m so excited to have officially gone from being a Regional Artist to going National! This is very deep for me… I’m getting all choked up with tears of joy and gratitude! Thank you for all your support
and guidance.”    ~ Mirabai Moon

$4,025 value for only $3,325
SAVE $700!

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