This quick start plan is for those who are ready to dive in!

This turn key program guides you to build the skills, confidence and repertoire to start sharing Kirtan publicly. You will go from novice to sharing Kirtan publicly in just 3 months!

One-on-one sessions allow Mike to give you real-time targeted feedback that helps you master and embody two dozen or more chants from your very favorite Kirtan artists.

As you engage with Mike’s proven method for launching your home practice and sharing Kirtan with others, you will build a practical understanding of music and embodiment around playing the harmonium and chanting. Detailed chant sheets with tons of relevant information and other handouts will support your home practice. You will be amazed at how quickly you will learn this fun and heart-opening practice.

You will receive:

• Six 60-minute lessons in person or via Skype/FaceTime

• Two 6-week series of classes (in Boulder, CO), or one 4-day intensive

• A dozen (or more) chant sheets that will guide you in practicing chants you love by your favorite Kirtan artists

• A checklist for stepping into sharing Kirtan in yoga classes that will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes

• iTabla settings that will help you learn to play in time and develop strong rhythm

• The opportunity to play with a professional Kirtan drummer – in some classes and all intensives

• The opportunity to lead a chant in a Kirtan Leader jam session (intensive only)

• Mike’s three CD’s

• Bhakti and Beyond, a 30 page booklet on Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga.

You will avoid:

•  Feeling intimidated or overconfident around starting to share publicly

•  Being frustrated by a limited repertoire, with limited ability to play chords and choose appropriate voicings

•  Being thwarted from successfully stepping into gathering musicians, finding venues and leading your band.

“Learning a new instrument can be intimidating, but Mike brings fun, ease and play. His attitude and ability to break things down into simple pieces made learning to play the harmonium while chanting quite accessible. I loved the atmosphere and warmth of the Kirtan Leader Institute community and have made some great, long-term friends. Highly recommended!”

~ Annie Edwards, yoga teacher, business owner and lifelong learner.

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