• A current or aspiring leader looking to build your capacity to take action around what matters most? Mike will help you clarify your vision and design a custom learning program to help you bring your vision into reality.
  • A couple or business partnership struggling with conflict and not sure how to move forward? Come share your feelings and stories in a safe space, learn to ask for 100% of what you want 100% of the time and negotiate new agreements. Mike will guide you to build skills you can use to make your relationships more cooperative, healthy and satisfying.
  • A business, organization or corporation looking to generate reliable results and organizational resiliency? Mike will design a training or consulting engagement to help you and your team generate reliable results by learning to hold conversations that work.

Join us so you can take your leadership, partnership or organization to a deeper level, generating the outcomes you desire.

Work with Mike

Mike works with individuals:

  • Through customized one-on-one coaching programs steeped in the Integral, Somatic and Enneagram approaches which focus on building embodied skills to support change.

Mike works with couples and business partners:

  • Through the Skills for Change process for couples and business partner mediation and coaching.

Mike works with groups:

  • Through innovative leadership development programs.

Mike works with corporations and businesses:

  • Through corporate business consulting around Mindfulness for Safety.
  • Through corporate business consulting, coaching and training around generating reliable business results through Action Conversations.

Since 2002 Mike Cohen & Associates has helped hundreds of leaders clarify their vision and build the skills and capacities required to take action in a grounded and pragmatic manner. These leaders are well prepared to bring their vision into reality.

Mike’s coaching, training and mediation programs offer a place in which clarity is gained, commitment is generated, fears are faced, obstacles are overcome, relevant skills are built and the capacity to lead is cultivated. This work builds understanding, skill and integration across three key domains – self, team, and action.

At the level of Self, we focus on:

  • Understanding Personality Type
  • Thwarting the Inner Critic
  • Tapping into Emotional Intelligence
  • Discovering/Identifying Purpose
  • Building a Centered and Resilient Self

At the level of Team, we focus on:

  • Understanding Interpersonal Dynamics via Personality Type
  • Building Social Intelligence
  • Skillfully Coordinating Action with Others
  • Holding Powerful Conversations
  • Building Trust

At the level of Action, we focus on:

  • Aligning Vision, Strategy and Practical Action for Reliable Outcomes
  • Overcoming Inevitable Obstacles
  • Learning from Action
  • Guiding a Project to Fruition

Participants emerge with greater self-awareness, integration, resilience and enhanced capacity to lead self, team and action in the world.

About Mike
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Mike works as a leadership coach in private practice serving entrepreneurs, executives, and middle managers in a wide range of companies across the US and in his home town of Boulder, CO. In addition working with individuals and organizations, Mike also offers mediation services to couples and business partners in conflict, or even crisis, and not sure how to move forward.

Mike Cohen Leadership

Mike Cohen, M.A.

Mike loves helping adults deepen their capacity to take skillful action, lead their team and generate satisfying results in the world. Since 2002 Mike has coached and trained hundreds of clients via individual and group coaching and training programs in corporate, small business and public program environments.

Mike is a certified Integral Coach (New Ventures West – 2003), Enneagram practitioner (Enneagram Institute – 2005), and Master Somatic Coach (Strozzi Institute – 2008). His MA degree focused on Leadership and Adult Development with original thesis research on the New Ventures West approach to Integral Coaching.

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