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Kirtan with a Motown Vibe?! New Music: In This Together

 January 24, 2019

I’m delighted to release the fourth of six singles. This one is titled IN THIS TOGETHER. Click HERE to check it out! See below for liner notes. 


This anthem is a call to transcend partisanship and tribalism, an appeal to Unity as well as Diversity. Can’t you see? We’re ALL in this together. Let’s bring Awareness (Shiva), Peace (Shanti) and Love (Prema) into our world, right here, right now!

Produced by Ben Leinbach (Old Bull Productions). Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper (TurtleTone Studio). This track features beautiful vocalists Dawnia Dresser (Kirtan Leader Institute) and Suzanne Sterling (Off the Mat and Into the World), guitarist Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart) and funky bassist Rob Fordyce. All other instruments and vocals by Ben Leinbach. Let Love Rule ©Leonard A. Kravitz. Photo of Mike Cohen, Ben Leinbach and Dawnia Dresser courtesy of Doug Dresser. Album art design by Laina Taylor.

Namah Shivaya, Namah Shivay. Namah Shivaya.

Me and You, All Them Too. We’re in this Together.
You and Me, Can’t You See. We’re in this Together.

Shi, Shi-i-va-ya. Shi, Shi-i-va-ya. Shi, Shi-i-va-ya.
Namah Shivaya. Namah Shivay. Namah Shivaya.

You and Me, Soulfully. We’re in this Together.
Datta, Lalita. They’re in this Together.

Prema Om. Prema Om. Shanti Om. Shanti Om. Shi, Shi-i-va-ya. Shi, Shi-i-va-ya. Shi, Shi-i-va-ya. Namah Shivaya. Namah Shivay. Namah Shivaya.

Let Love Rule. Let Love Rule. Prema, Prema Om, Prema Om. Shanti, Shanti Om, Shanti Om.
Together, Let Love Rule, Let Love Rule. When We’re Together, Let Love Rule, Let Love Rule.

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