Level 3

You will:

  • Cultivate your unique style as a Kirtan Leader
  • Start writing your own chants
  • Deepen your understanding of chords, chord voicing options and the many ways to play the harmonium to stretch what’s possible with the instrument
  • Develop a sturdy sense of internal rhythm so you can easily partner with percussionists
  • Learn to cue drummers, musicians and response singers in real time
  • Create clear Kirtan lyric slides for participants and lead sheets for your musicians
  • Embody skills in public speaking about Kirtan so you can promote the practice and guide chant participants within an event
  • Learn how to build community with musicians, venues and chant participants
  • Establish a web presence
  • Create the media you need to promote and conduct your events
  • Gain awareness of all 9 Enneagram types to increase your Relational Intelligence
  • Learn communication skills to help you manage large events and projects across space and time
  • Identify and minimize the impact of your inner critic so it doesn’t stop you from learning and serving others
  • Use Somatics to generate a strong sense of Center, inner and outer coherence and resilience as a Kirtan Leader and throughout your entire life
  • Create a commitment statement that puts your deepest ambitions/longings into language so you can take action what is most important to you right now
  • Step into action planning to build your local Kirtan scene
  • Learn to lead your band (drummer and response singers) with skill and ease so you can guide participants on a potent spiritual/musical/energetic journey
Neil guitar #2

How to Start


  • Learn to lead a band and to share Kirtan with your community, generating profound ecstatic chant experiences for yourself and others.

What to Expect

As you deepen your practice, Mike meets you exactly where you are and guides you further in the domains of musicianship (melody, harmony, rhythm), leadership and community building. You will expand your repertoire with more challenging chants by your favorite Kirtan artists and begin to write your own chants. As you generate embodiment as a musician you step more deeply into building skill as a leader. This supports you in growing your community and sharing ecstatic full-band Kirtan experiences with your community.

Private sessions – your choices are packages of 6 or 12 sixty minute sessions in person (Boulder) or by Skype or FaceTime.

Group classes – 4-day intensive (Thursday evening to Sunday, 16 hours of training, one Kirtan event and one student concert).

With either privates or group classes, you will have access to Mike’s recorded music, written support materials, and dozens of useful chant sheets. Your learning will progress as you:

  • Complete homework throughout the program
  • Connect with a community of Kirtan Leaders and Bhakti Yogis
  • Receive compassionate and helpful feedback from Mike
  • Deepen your conceptual understanding of music, Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga
  • Explore several dozen chants, and begin writing original chants
  • Build deeper embodiment in chanting and playing the harmonium
  • Gather musicians, venues and chant community so you can build a local Kirtan scene with whom to create/share sacred chant experiences
  • Lead chants in group classes with guest musicians and percussionists so you can embody the experience of playing with top notch, experienced professional musicians
  • Receive guidance and support as you lead public Kirtan events with your band and build a local Kirtan scene.

No matter which option you choose, Mike will de-mystify the process of chanting, playing the harmonium, writing original chants, building a local chant scene and leading a band so you and those around you can access the Mystery of Kirtan.  As you step into the practice of Kirtan Leadership, you naturally expand your ability to attract musicians, galvanize local support, locate venues and coalesce community so you can begin to offer full-band Kirtan events. This affords you the opportunity to create profound ecstatic experiences for yourself and others as you guide your band to lead participants into the extraordinary practice of sacred chant.

“Mike has illuminated the practice of leading Kirtan in ways I never could have imagined. Truthfully, I had no idea there was so much to it. Through his guidance, inspiration, and encouragement I have grown in confidence as a leader, a musician, and as a spiritual practitioner. Each week I meet with him, I discover a new dimension to this wonderfully sacred practice. To be able to take his direction, lead a Kirtan, discuss what worked, what didn’t work, why, and how can I improve, is such an invaluable way to learn and grow. I’m so grateful for this gift.”
Tim Jordan
“In the 2 years I’ve studied with Mike I learned to overcome my fears and gained confidence in proudly sharing my voice. I sang and played piano in my grandmother’s church hall as a child. Decades later, Mike brought me onto the main stage at Bhakti Fest Midwest where I led my original chant in Mike Cohen’s group as we opened for the extraordinary Krishna Das. My journey continued as I recorded my very first EP album - Dreams Can Come True, with Grammy award nominated producer, Ben Leinbach. My Kirtan journey, with Mike’s help, has been a very big dream come true.”
Claire Whittleston
``I highly recommend Mike Cohen as a Kirtan mentor. He is a seasoned pro at guiding Kirtan Leaders to greater confidence in the realms of musicianship, community building, leadership and entrepreneurship. As a professional musician I felt thoroughly met and understood in the domain of music, which allowed us to focus on developing my leadership skills and entrepreneurial strategies. Mike offered clear guidance and helpful support for taking my already thriving Kirtan practice to the next level.``
Damodar Das
“Mike is the best kirtan trainer I know. Just two years ago, I barely knew how to play the harmonium, had written no chants, and had played no Kirtan events. Now, I play once a week, and co-headline my own regular events here in LA with some of the biggest names in Kirtan. Last month, I led my own chant from the Main Stage at Bhaktifest West. Next year I'm recording my first album! I know of no other Kirtan teacher who can take you from Zero to the Big Time in such short a period. And he does it in a clear, step-by-step, compassionate way, giving you the Skills, Confidence, and Opportunity to succeed no matter from what level you begin.”
Neil Martin
“Over the last 5 years Mike Cohen has been an incredible support for our mantra music band. He has given us invaluable advice around touring, album production/ promotion, and approaching festivals. We are forever grateful to Mike for sharing his wisdom with us and for helping us grow within this beautiful Bhakti family.”
Kirtan Soul Revival: Calia Marshall, Helen Tocci, Todd Keller and Terrence Pompey
``Mike's support and guidance around setting up my first national tour has been invaluable... and I'm so excited to have officially gone from being a Regional Artist to going National! This is very deep for me...I'm getting all choked up with tears of joy and gratitude! Thank you for all your support.``
Mirabai Moon
``I learned so much more about myself, how I show up in the world and how to be an effective communicator as well as a skillful harmonium player... Playing on the Bhaktifest stage right before Krishna Das was a thrilling honor I would never have dreamed of. I am a Kirtan leader!”
Brooke Dillane

Many Kirtan Leaders feel stuck when attempting to expand their local scene into something bigger. Unfortunately, Kirtan Leaders can be stuck here for years! We have a proven track record in compressing the time it takes to make this leap, and easing the growing pains many Kirtan Leaders experience along the way. Compassionate support and practical guidance will help you can overcome the obstacles and challenges to serving through chant - within your community, regionally and nationally. This empowers you to generate energy, aliveness, electricity, love, devotion and more, as you and your band inspire singing, dancing and clapping that opens participants hearts to profound personal, interpersonal and Divine connection.

~ Mike


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