What you achieve in the Level 1 Training:

  • Get the inside scoop on purchasing a great harmonium
  • Learn to play the harmonium while singing chants you love by your favorite Kirtan artists
  • Discover your voice and establish your foundation of embodied musical understanding
  • Build a repertoire of a half dozen chants
  • Discover your Enneagram (personality) type and how it impacts your life, learning and leadership
  • Develop your own home Kirtan practice
``Learning a new instrument can be intimidating, but Mike brings fun, ease and play. I loved the atmosphere and warmth of the Kirtan Leader Institute community and have made some great, long-term friends. Highly recommended!``
Annie Edwards, yoga teacher, business owner and lifelong learner.
“I am usually shy, but with the support of the group was able to get up and lead everyone in a chant- which was an awesome experience! I will take this experience and knowledge with me wherever I go.”
Allison Drake, Denver, CO
“Mike breaks down playing the instrument into very simple steps and we all picked up the chords and rhythms effortlessly.”
Nicole Rubinov, Los Angeles, CA
“I left the Kirtan Leader program feeling very connected, uplifted, inspired, and reenergized in my practice.”
Lauren Hunt, Kirtan Leader, wellness coach

What to Expect

Mike makes leading Kirtan fun and easy. His “turn key” program for new Kirtan Leaders makes it all so simple. The harmonium sounds amazing from Day One, so you experience instant gratification and quickly realize “I can do this.”

Private sessions – your choices are packages of 6 or 12 sixty minute sessions in person (Boulder) or by Skype or FaceTime.

Group classes – your choices are a 6-week class (75 min, weekly) or 4-day intensive (Thursday evening to Sunday, 12 hour training with one Kirtan event and one student concert).

With either privates or group classes, you will have access to Mike’s recorded music, 30 page booklet on Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga, and useful chant sheets that spell out the exact fingers and chords to use in granular detail, so you build good habits from our first call. Your learning will progress as you:

  • Complete homework throughout the program
  • Connect with Bhakti community
  • Receive compassionate and helpful feedback from Mike
  • Explore half dozen chants
  • Deepen your conceptual understanding of music, Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga
  • Build embodiment in chanting and playing the harmonium.

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Mike will de-mystify the process of chanting and playing the harmonium so you can access the Mystery of Kirtan. Having stepped through the doorway of chant, you will now be able to access the embodied joy and gratitude brought forward by chanting sacred mantras right here, right now… via your own home chant practice.

Launching a home Kirtan practice can be confusing. You might wonder, “how do I buy the right harmonium? Do I get one that is new or used? Which chants should I start learning? Will they too be too hard? How do I find chants that are just right for me?” No need to worry. Our proven system answers all your questions and presents the guidance and support you need to create fun and deep chant experiences right away.

~ Mike


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