Chants for Challenging Times
Chants for Challenging Times

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Chants for Challenging Times was created by Mike Cohen throughout 2017-20 with Grammy Nominated producer Ben Leinbach. Fans of Western Kirtan artists like Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, etc. will delight to the exquisite melodies, potent mantras, musically interesting compositions, deep, soulful and funky grooves, and transformative energies. These chants are designed to calm your mind, open your heart, bring you into your body and light up your soul. May they serve as a salve during challenging times, and open pathways to a future imbued with Love, Truth, Peace, Strength, Purpose and Beauty.

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Mike Cohen’s newest album Illumination, released in 2016, blends ancient Eastern mantras and modern Western grooves, masculine and feminine energies and the individual (I) with the collective (We) to create an extraordinary inner experience. As you chant along with the many voices on these tracks, you are invited to relax, listen to others and allow their voices to pull the energy of these potent mantras through your heart. This process creates a profound inner illumination. As your experience ripples outward, it can illuminate others and transform the world – creating a portal to the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth).

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Mike Cohen’s 2012 release, Soul Contact is an intoxicating musically inspired journey to the soul and beyond. Like his debut album (Om Dattatreya: Journey to the West), Soul Contact was created with Grammy Award winning producer Jeff Ciampa and received critical acclaim by prominent U.S. yoga practitioners and the media. Soul Contact was crafted over a two year Kirtan tour across North America and influenced by Cohen’s travels to the Southern Indian holy sites of Penukonda, Shirdi and Tirupati. According to Cohen, “The music creates a channel to the energy of these sacred power spots of India, allowing listeners to access the Love, Freedom and Aliveness of Dattatreya Kirtan.” Soul Contact is pure devotional groove that integrates techno-enhanced mantras with ancient Eastern spirituality.

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Michael H. Cohen’s 2009 debut release, Om Dattatreya: Journey to the West is an inspiring blend of Eastern spirituality and global musical influences such as world beat, electronica, r&b, rock, funk and gospel. The 10 tracks feature extraordinary vocalists Joni Allen and Allie Stringer, and was produced by Grammy Award winner Jeff Ciampa. Chanting the many names of the Divine calms our minds, opens our hearts and connects us with Divine Energy. Om Dattatreya is an emotionally powerful and spiritually transcendent synthesis of East and West, integrating the spiritual and material worlds, individual and collective approaches, forces of creation, sustenance and dissolution, and masculine and feminine energies. Om Dattatreya is music for your soul!

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While listening to Soul Contact I can feel my mind, my emotions, the subtle dancing of my body, all being pulled into this groove. Is it the divine names pulling me in? Or the enticing production and soulful singing? Both. I highly recommend this alb… Read more

Daniel TuckerKirtan Central

Soul Contact is pure devotional groove. This album will grip your hips and heart!

Blake TedderFull Lotus Kirtan Show

The call and response in Soul Contact sparkles with joy and passion.

Gary GoldbergHost of "In The Spirit"

Soul Contact is an absolute delight that should be part of any kirtan lover’s collection.

Joni YungAccidental Yogist

Soul Contact is filled with funky, catchy rhythms, enchanting melodies, beautiful vocals and harmonies.

JNYoga Teacher

This combination of World music, funky rhythms, and blissful chanting pushes the envelope in a tasteful intertwining of East meets West. Cohen’s stellar musicianship and amazing back up musicians/vocalists make the improvisation and experimentation… Read more


OM DATTATREYA is an awesome first CD…. Mike Cohen joins the heavenly choir of Kirtan artists.

Gary Goldberg"In The Spirit" Radio Show Host

Mike Cohen’s “Journey to the West” album blew me away when I first heard it, and you know, it continues to. The musical arrangements are beautiful, interesting, complex, and funky and the Mike’s chanting with the talented female vocalists makes it su… Read more

Blake TedderFull Lotus Kirtan Show

Om Dattatreya is chantable, interesting, and addictive.

Yoga Chicago Magazine

The recordings are flawless and energetic… Om Dattatreya blends Eastern and Western musical accompaniment with a tendency to take the spirit to ecstatic levels of play.

LA Yoga Magazine

There are nine chants on this release, and they’re each unforgettable and unique, mysterious, techno-enhanced mantras from the heart of Dattatreya Kirtan. Soul Contact rises to the challenge of presenting the essence of the heart in this digital mo… Read more

Debi BuzilYoga Chicago Magazine