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Illumination – what people are saying

 February 14, 2017

Illumination: Soundtrack for the Satya Yuga has been released to critical acclaim.

Creating this music was truly a labor of love, and an expression of my desire for more depth, connection and Collective Spirituality in our fragmented world.

The album – the third in a trilogy, along with Om Dattatreya and Soul Contact – was created with Grammy Nominated producer Ben Leinbach and Grammy Winning producer Jeff Ciampa. The 6 tracks feature virtuoso guitarist Gawain Matthews (longtime lead guitarist with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead) and beautiful vocalists Joni Allen, Allie Stringer and Suzanne Sterling. 

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Listen to the tracks HERE. Check out our SHIVA GROOVE video HERE.

“Beautiful, mellifluous, haunting, enlivening, deepening, awakening, funky, rockin’, Eddie Van Halen meets Jerry Garcia meets Sweet Honey in the Rock meets MIKE COHEN! I’m off to buy it on iTunes!”

— Mia Stromberg, yoga instructor

“A gorgeous production with superb playing and rock solid lead vocals. Mike Cohen has gifted us with very hip and creative 21st century devotional music. I’m sure this CD will be listened to for years to come.”

— Hans Christian, musician, owner of Studio 330 and Allemande Music

“Uplifting, beautiful and soulful music. Love it!!”

— Steven A. Munn, founder of Clearpoint Center

“Love this music. Mike Cohen has elevated the kirtan experience to another level. Love the chorus and harmonies in this album. It’s an energizing yet soothing combination of dance grooves and heart swelling melodies. Holy and Groovy! Beautifully produced.”

— Shannon McCarthy, artist

“Illumination is another great release from Mike Cohen. I can feel the sincerity, which is most important. But I love the production as well–pianos, electric guitars, tablas, harmonies, etc.–that make it a very listenable album. Standouts to me: Maha Lakshmi and Jay Jay Ma. Enjoy!”

— Blake Tedder, radio show host

”I’ve always loved chanting along with Mike Cohen, whether it be with his recorded tracks or with him live in concert. But the new “Illumination” album has taken his music to a whole new electronic dimension! Accompanied by the smooth vocal stylings of Joni Allen, Allie Stringer, and Suzanne Sterling, Mike has remixed familiar mantras into my new favorite chants. This album will be getting a lot of play time on my show!”

~ Joni Yung, host of the Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist podcast

“Illumination: Soundtrack for The Satya Yuga by Mike Cohen is a joyful expression of sacred chant that grooves. The vocal harmonies and layered instrumentation transport the listener to an ecstatic state. Mike’s music is Ddiverse and could be used for anything from meditation to dance. Mike is a musician’s musician.”

—  Colleen Buckman (Kalyani)  singer/songwriter, producer and Kirtan Leader

“Mike Cohen’s new album, Illumination: Soundtrack for the Satya Yuga, is a welcome addition to any music collection. It is at once engrossing, empowering, and most certainly, illuminating. It comes at a time when the world needs this kind of uplifting and shared vision most. Each time I have the pleasure of listening I am left feeling more connected, centered, grounded, and loved. I am grateful to Mike for this profound offering.”

— Erica Settino, Founder & Executive Director at Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc.

“Listening to Illumination, I immediately want to get up and dance and open my voice. The joy on this CD is infectious. Mike’s joyful offering of Kirtan and teaching is a true gift to the world.”

—Jeanie Manchester, yoga studio owner, Kirtan Leader

Illumination: Soundtrack for the Satya Yuga encompasses the fullness of deep sacred Devotion along with divine whimsical play. It is surprisingly light at times, and also deliciously humble in its devotion to the divine feminine. It is really a musical, Bhakti party to celebrate every time you sing along with it. Listening to Illumination makes me want to take out my instruments and crayons and get to work coloring outside the lines with reverence and intention. I love this album!”

— Carolina Lorenzo,  yoga teacher, therapist, Kirtan Leader

“I’m loving your CD! It’s been on repeat in my car for days.”

–Markus Stobbs, poet

“Michael Cohen’s latest CD release “Illumination” is a step forward into an exalted modern mystical Kirtan track!  Soaring guitar riffs backed by ancient drum grooves are filled with penetrating voices that uplift, engage and fill the soul with love and light. His tunes will have you dancing then sitting in meditation.  His compositions are exquisite.  Illumination does more than shine—it soars.”

— Robert Castellino, author, photographer, visionary ecologist