An Integral Approach to Kirtan, Myth, and Mantra for Modern Times

Launches October 9th!

* 7 Deities for an Open Heart and Full Life *

Classes Begin October 9

Your Golden Hour

With EN(CHANT) your life, you will:

  • Launch your home chant practice through Kirtan (music), myth and mantra
  • Learn myths and mantras for removing obstacles, and experiencing freedom, protection, and unconditional love
  • Learn to play harmonium and chant to 7 of your favorite yogic deities

The course consists of seven (7) online learning modules and eight bonus conference calls with Mike Cohen over a 7-week period. Each module is centered around an ancient Hindu myth that is relevant for our modern times.

Join our weekly conference call online or listen to the recording when it is convenient for you. The group video calls will be held weekly on Wednesday nights between 7-8pm MT. A completion call on will take place Monday, November 25. The conference calls are optional and an opportunity to interact with Mike and ask questions about the course.

Can’t make a call? No problem. All calls will be recorded and shared online with the teaching videos and written modules. Course content will be available through the end of the the year.

EN(CHANT) Your Life Reviews

``The lessons are great. I was enjoying chanting prior to this but never knew the interpretations/stories or what the words meant even. The chanting has energy all of its own. The entire format of the classes has been perfect.``
Carol Martin, Spring 2019 En(CHANT) Your Life participant
``I can now open my music book, read the music and practice playing and chanting ALL 7 of the chants we have learned = HUGE SUCCESS! I am delighted and so HAPPY! Before this course my chant practice was primarily making up my own melodies for chants/mantras which is great yet was a much slower process and also limited by my beliefs that ``I shouldn't write kirtan music.`` I loved this course especially the easy process to learn new chants QUICKLY. I feel confident and inspired to write more music and share the amazing of Kirtan with my community. I am forever grateful, thank you!``
C.A., Yoga Teacher, Spring 2019 En(CHANT) Your Life participant

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Mike’s Bio

Since 2010, Mike Cohen, MA, has supported thousands of chant fans on their journey into Kirtan Leadership. Each year, Mike and his team train hundreds of Kirtan Leaders through his Kirtan Leader Institute—from total beginners, to those who share Kirtan with others, and even some who go on to lead bands, create albums, tour and play festivals! His proven system (which circumvents the need to read or understand Western or Indian music or music theory) quickly and easily guides students to chanting at home and sharing with others in a way that is intuitive and makes sense to those with no musical background. Mike loves teaching students how to play chants on harmonium, guiding them how to build Somatic Awareness and Shakti Awareness, and helping adults gain access to deep wisdom through myth in a way that is both relevant and invaluable for our modern times. Mike is working on his fifth full-length Kirtan album, lives in Boulder, CO and spends all his time sharing Kirtan and training future Kirtan Leaders.

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EN(CHANT) YOUR LIFE ~ Reviews from Our Students

``Over the last couple of months, I have been fortunate enough to take an Introduction to Kirtan class with the incredibly talented and sincere Michael Cohen, founder of the Kirtan Leader Institute in Boulder, CO. I didn't have to go to Colorado, as luck would have it, the course came to me as an on-line course linked by technology and big, beautiful hearts! Not only did I fall in love with Kirtan, my harmonium, and the group of delightful peers I was happy to call my fellow students, I found myself weaving a web within the realms of the deities whom we called by name using our voices and the ancient language of Sanskrit.``
Rita Strough, Coach, Spring 2019 En(CHANT) Your Life participant
``I loved everything about the En(Chant) Your Life course!!! The Ruzuku learning platform, the 4-step process for learning new chants, the philosophy behind each of the deity’s. I loved having the videos to go back to over and over again to watch you play, get the tempo right, etc. The program was perfectly put together! I now have the confidence and the tools to keep going. Thank you Mike for the gift of chant/harmonium!``
Lori Wantz, Spring 2019 En(CHANT) Your Life participant